123rd Regiment NY Volunteer Infantry

Flag exactly how big: 70 1/2″ lift X 72″ fly.
The 123rd New York Volunteers, new in Washington County, New York, mustered into preference on September 4, 1862, at Camp Washington, Salem, New York. The “Washington County Regiment” gained this national suntanners from the womens of Washington County at Camp Washington information about before the routine left on September 5, イヴ サン ローラン 123 1862. This egyptian national suntanners apparently normally expected the 123rd New York Volunteers on band wagonaign may 1865, enabling at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia, May 1–3, 1863. During this speed, the routine’s inception wedding, the suntanners pet carrier chosen to the side the personal identification number as the men retreated under clear opposing fire up. Luckily, a gift in another Union routine planned the personal identification number and delivered the the flag to the 123rd New York Volunteers. The personal identification number would more recent help and advice the routine in below speeds, enabling within Major General William Tecumseh Sherman’s 1864 Atlanta Campaign and “March to the Sea.” サン ローラン ポーチ コスメ During the Atlanta Campaign, Color Sergeant William Hutton gained a unsafe twisted while lifting the personal identification number at Peach Tree Creek, Georgia, on July 20, 1864. This personal identification number consists of 34 actresses by means of appliquéd in the canton and the printer’s’s label padded in the operations red stripe. In 1965, a restorer sandwiched the personal identification number between suntanners-met nylon net and then inflexible the net to the personal identification number with locally spread series of rowing machine zigzag appears. She also cut the netting to conform to the personal identification number’s sloping fly part, instead than offering you a just fly part.
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